• Chris Newton, I Claim As Mine

    Hey Ashley,

    We had a stellar show last night with Homicide Black!!! Just wanted to say thanks cuase without you working hard and giving us a chance i would not have gotten to experience a great night such as last night!!! im sure everybody else is very appreciative of it to!!! keep it up \m/

  • -Jake Scott

    Salt The Wound

    “Gorilla Productions Cleveland 100 Music Festival is the best way for local bands to be seen by true industry label representatives. Because of the Cleveland 100, we landed our record deal with Rotten Records.”

  • -Douglas Stewart


    On the behalf of Condemned By Faith, We truly appreciate the copy of “Rock Your City” that you sent us. It truly means a lot that you guys have helped us to get where we are now. We are really looking forward to working with Gorilla Music more in the future and are willing to help in any way as possible. Thank you guys so much.